Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, 750 ml



As the first distillery officially registered in the US, Jack Daniels buy alcohol online delivery quickly gained notoriety for its legendary American whiskey. Install the App to find out more. It shows caramel, vanilla, nut, and charred oak flavours and smells with smokey undertones. The taste is mellow and sweet and finishes lightly peppery. Use in a cocktail or serve straight up.

Tasting Remarks

Jack Daniel’s was the first distillery in the United States to be registered, which opened its doors in 1866. The fact that the distillery is situated in Lynchburg, a dry city, further adds to the peculiar mythology of the spirit. Light gold in colour with scents of cornmeal, caramel, and cedar; smooth and sweet on the tongue with a little peppery aftertaste.

Serving Recommendation

Use savoury sauces, serve over ice for sipping, or with apple juice, order alcohol delivery.

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LiquorJack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, 750 ml